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Kayaking- Discover the beauty of Halong bay

Vietwind travel agency is presenting Kayaking -Interesting experience in Halong

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Once in Ha Long Bay, let's try manually Kayak paddle. With a small kayak , you can get a fascinating journey weaving through thousands of islands between the vast earth . Just waving paddles on the blue water just to admire nature poetic grandeur that will bring exciting feeling hard to describe.

Kayaking -Interesting experience in Halong

Tourism has been kayaking for a long time in Halong Bay . But at first foreign visitors new adventure kayaking option but to date, there have been many domestic tourists involved kayaking in Halong Bay, especially young people . Discover Halong bay by kayak , visitors are likely to see more detail , more vivid beauty of natural wonders through unique imagery and fun for thousands of limestone islands , caves with emulsion magical stone ...

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It is an indescribable feeling when kicking foot oars to watch the rocks , crept through the unnamed island firsthand the beauty of coral reefs and to feel absolute stillness absence of many Gulf.

Journey to explore Ha Long Bay by kayak:

A large boat will take you and the gulf between the kayaks . Anchored ships and inflatable kayaks were cast into the sea . Before the boat you'll be instructed to use a life jacket , paddle and how to contact for assistance , as well as first aid boxes , paper boxes and cameras...

Vietwind Travel - Start the journey to discover Ha Long

Then , visitors will paddle along the expedition team enters the caves : Hang Luon , Three Peach , Ba Ham , Dau , Hang grass ... is the place not to be missed .
Boaters to wear life jackets rescue , accompanied by a guided group to assist and guide your journey .
Kayak is a boat which is light Eskimos . Initially, the boat was designed for a man , wrapped in sealskin and by North American natives to serve as hunting over water waves . Its original name was Qajaq , Europeans pronounce simplifying the kayak .
Kayaking is quite a variety : plastic composites , molded rubber or inflatable boats , all are well in all situations and uses two oars . Regarding shape , kayak looked like bamboo leaves , small , long , slender and sexy ..

Vietwind Travel - Kayak Types

In 2000, the National Geographic Adventures Journal newspaper has voted Ha Long Bay is one of 25 tourist destinations top kayak world
Let Vietwind Travel companion you in your Journey 
You can experience it? Of course it can , Vietwind Travel will accompany you to help you experience the endless beauty of the natural wonders of the world that recognized by kayak

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