Thứ Ba, 21 tháng 4, 2015


Twice to Hue in different emotions. But there is a feeling not only changes the stillness and quiet of Hue. Sure many people have been to Hue also feel like me. The second path trees are absent passersby, life in Hue always slow and floating away like the leaves on the Huong River that. So sad, so we have to Hue? Hue attractive one by the palace, temples were nursery color green moss, the historical story reminds me of my roots, about the struggle of a people. To feel the most natural thing of Hue, I recommend that you go to, to find out with a tour of Hue.
Hue is the last capital of the Vietnamese dynasties. For the reason that Hue has kept himself very, very many of the palaces of ancient temples. So many of the main attractions in Hue palace
Du Lịch HuếBún Bò Giò Heo

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