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Halong bay – Yours to discover

Halong bay – Yours to discover

Vietwind travel agency is presenting to experience beauty of Ha Long bay, let's join our tours to enjoy it 
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Speaking of Ha Long Bay, I have three words to describe it. Awesome, Mysterious and Mother Nature’s piece of art. It leaves you breathless with many unforgettable thoughts and impression of this bay.
Nature’s Gifts
Your adventure begins when the cruise boat slowly pulls away from the dock sailing towards the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin, cool salty sea breeze blowing lightly and the sights of the islands and islets rising from the sea as you approach them seems to rejuvenate your tired mind and body on this boat ride.

The journey to explore the bay takes you into a world of vivid tales and legends of this country. In the calm blue clear waters of this pristine bay, you will see towering limestone islands which resemble human heads and figures standing in the sea facing the mainland. There are two islands which resemble chickens turning on each other (Pair Chicken island), another like a dragon hovering above the water (Dragon Islet), there is the old man sitting down fishing (La Vong Hon), then sail island (Hon Lu Huong) there are hundreds of such islands and islets which is left to your imagination to figure out.

All of them are Mother Nature’s creation for us all to enjoy and respect it’s environment in preserving her beauty in this beautiful Ha Long Bay where the wonderful sights never seems to end.

Unforgettable Moments - The Love Of Your Life
Sunset in Ha Long Bay is simply amazing. The sun slowly sinks into the sea, sky and sea expose a glowing flaming red lighting up the evening sky. Between the vast space of sea and the heaven, the heart seems to settle down. The cloudless night sky presents a fantastic show of a billion twinkling stars, the many fast shooting stars zipping across and on half moon night as you lay back on the deck chair looking up at the heavens it gives you the feeling that you are moving with the stars. It’s wonderful feeling. A moment you don’t want to leave.
Enjoy a bottle of fine wine or your favorite drink with good company. Enjoy the night view of sparkling lights bobbing in the sea from other boats and ships dotting the bay.

Sunrise in Ha Long Bay bears witness to some of nature’s creation, the ever rising crop of islets and islands protruding from the sea. At first glance, you would think they are plastic waste floating in the sea. Further examination reveals rocks, coral reefs and ever growing activities of nature at work.
You will have the opportunity to go on board of a shallow draft boat to visit the numerous exotic caves hidden deep in the heart of the limestone rocks to marvel at nature, history and legends of Ha Long Bay.

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