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Top Group Tour - Best of North Vietnam

Traveling to the North to explore the spectacular mountainous scene, the peaks appearing from a distance like islands jutting above a sea of cloud, the forests harbor many species of wild animals, butterflies and flower. Traveling the North to arrive Hanoi the exotic capital city with unique cultural traits of both East and West and visit majestic and mysterious Halong bay o- one of the seven New World Wonders.  A journey through the fascinating North Vietnam is unforgettable encounter with a land of remarkable and unexpected unspoilt beauty.
Let Vietwindtravel become your partner to explore the amazing North Vietnam in the tour “Best of the North tour”.

Halong Bay - A New Wonder of the World

 The tour will take you to discover the best highlights of the North Vietnam including Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay not only to enjoy the spectacular landscape but also to discover the exotic cultural traits and local specialties here.

Hanoi – One of best destination in North Vietnam

The journey through North Vietnam begins in Hanoi , the capital of Vietnam, the Asian city with the ancient pagodas, various tree-lined beautiful lakes and maze streets. In Vietnamese, Hanoi is usually written as two words, Ha meaning the river in reference to the Red River and Noi meaning this (inner) side. Hanoi is the special city not just for its particularly important economic and political role as the capital of Vietnam, but the priceless value of culture and history it encompasses. This tour will take you around Hanoi to visit the most famous places including including Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum –Ho Chi Minh’s stilt house – where president Ho Chi Ho lived on and off from 1958 to 1969,  and Ho Chi Minh’s museum where restore the objects and a lot of information about President Ho Chi Minh. Around the corner from the mausoleum is the unique One Pillar pagoda ( Chua Mot Cot). Built  in 1049 under Ly dynasty, this beautiful wooden pagoda rest on a single stone pillar rising out of lotus pool. Legend has it that in a dream King Ly Thai To saw the goddess Quan Am seated on a lotus leaf offering him a male child in her outstretched arms.  The King is said to have built the pagoda as a sign of his gratitude.
Hanoi Old Quater
 Leaving One Pillar Pagoda, you will visit for the Temple of Literature the first college of Viet Nam dedicated to Confucian. In the afternoon, visitor will visit Tran Quoc pagoda on the tiny peninsula of the West lake, one vietnam’s most ancient pagodas built in 1639. The last place of city tour is Hoan Kiem Lake (Restored Sword Lake) in the centre Hanoi and visit Ngoc Son Temple which sits pretty on a delightful little island in the Northern part of Hoan Kiem Lake. Our tour guide will take you to visit the Old Quarter with 36 streets to experience the daily life of the locals and taste the street food. Hanoi is renowned for its street food, with some calling it the best in Vietnam, and potentially even in Asia. 
There are street food vendors all over the city, with a large concentration in the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake. The tour will take you to visit 36 streets of Hanoi to enjoy the delicious Hannoi specialties with famous dishes like La Vong grilled fish pie, Pho ( Vietnamese noodle), roll cake ( banh cuon), Bun thang,…
Halong Bay- one of seven Wonder in the world- amazing land in North Vietnam

No trip to North Vietnam could be considered complete without a trip to Halong Bay - the most stunning scenery in Vietnam. The bay’s tranquil beauty encompasses 1500 square miles dotted with well over 1000 limestone islands and islets, many of them named. Bizarre rock sculptures jutting dramatically from the sea and numerous grottoes have created and enchanted, timeless world. The sails of the junks and sampans gliding on the bay add further to the timeless beauty of the scene. Besides sightseeing, tourists have the opportunity to take part in the exciting activities such as kayaking, visiting amazing fishing village, beaches, caves and grotto in Halong bay, night fishing…. If you are a foodie, you might be interested in fresh, sophisticated flavor of Vietnamese dishes. You can also take involved in our cooking class in the cruise where the Vietnamese excellent chefs will teach you to cook some unique Vietnamese dishes.

Sapa- a legendary destination in North Vietnam – Colour of life

In the last two day of the tour, you will discover Sapa the small amazing mountainous town in Northwest Vietnam. Because there is no airport nearly Sapa, people usually get Sapa from Hanoi by train and car.   Sapa is an incredibly picturesque town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam, known as "the Tonkinese Alps". Sapa and its surrounding region is host to many hill tribes, as well as rice terraces, lush vegetation, and Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam. Set on the slopes of a beautiful emerald green valley, Sapa is the heart of this unique piece of Vietnam. Travel to this peaceful land and meet resplendently dressed ethnic minorities at the local market, visit neighboring villages and hike through iridescent rice terraces, witnessing how the current of life has bubbled along here for centuries.

On the way you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and  stop for taking photos. You will also discover the Sapa market where the local people meet and exchange goods and culture as well as the place for young couples to date. You might certainly be impressed by the colorful costume of the minority ethics here which make Sapa become more poetic. If you are interested in learning about unique culture, custom and way of living of the Black H’mong, Giay, Red Dzao ethnic people. You can choose the home stay tour in Sapa which offer the opportunity to live with the local people in their villages lying on Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Muong Hoa valley such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Su Pan village… The local people will teach you cook their traditional dishes, and explain you their customs as well as the relating legends. You will take part in their daily life’s activities including reaping the rice on the terraced field in the harvest season, sewing the tradition costume or catching fish on the stream which certainly become your unforgettable memory about Sapa.

We are assured that you will have an authentic tour to discover the Best of North Vietnam when travelling with us not just seeing, and watching, but experiencing Vietnamese life, Vietnamese landscape and understanding Vietnamese culture and people.
We wish you to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing trip and each minute of your journey is update into a DVD which we want special offer for all private tour & group tour from 10 person. The most beautiful moment, memorable of Vietnam will be saved forever.
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