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With more than 3400km of coastline Vietnam is blessed with idyllic and beautiful beaches which are popular for both domestic and foreign tourists. Today, Vietwind travel would like to introduce you the top 5 most attractive beaches in the North of Vietnam.

1. Tra Co beaches- the most poetic beach in North vietnam

Tra Co Beach 

Tra co beach is widely known as the first beach on the country map, the longest beach (17km) in the country, and Vietnam’s most pristine and romantic beach in Northern Vietnam with deep blue sea the year around and smooth white sand. The beach is shaded by a range of casuarinas, protecting the village from the wind and the sand. It is neighbored to an original eco-system of mangrove forest is the zone lung. Known as one of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, Tra Co is occasionally put in comparison with Nha Trang beach. Accordingly, if Nha Trang is as beautiful as a modern girl, Tra Co is a coyly rural girl since it has not yet been much exploited for tourism. Tra Co beach is relatively unspoiled and unpolluted as well as not being too rapidly urbanized. The coastline here is long, wide with big waves, and romantic sunsets.

If you would like to enjoy fresh seafood, Tra Co fishermen can surely meet your requirement. The fresh sea foods are always available on the seaside after fishing time. For those who are interested in local historical vestiges, Tra Co communal house, and the pride of Tra Co people since it was built long time ago in 1462, should also be a stop-over, if time is available

Going north for about one kilometer from the beach, you will reach Tra Co Church, which was first built in 1880 and rebuilt by the French in 1914.

The church was restored in 1995 to make it look like it did 100 years ago. Inside the church is a giant bell and hundreds of beautiful sculptures.

2. Cat Co beach- Cat Ba island - the sleeping beauty in Northern Vietnam

Cat Co beach 

The white-sand Cat Co beach make a great place to lounge around for the day. They are about 1 km southeast from Cat Ba town over a steep headland; and can be reached on foot or by motorbike. Cat Co Beach is separated by a small hillock that can be climbed over in about 20 minutes. However, you can take the easier route along a new wooden seaside walkway around the mountain. The mountain adjacent to Cat Co Beach has a tunnel and fascinating caves and grottoes, such as Hang Luon, Khe Sau, Trung Trang, Gia Luan and Kim Cuong. Visiting these caves and grottoes, you will get the feeling of the explorers, discovering the wonders and mysteries endowed by nature.

3. Titop beaches - the beautiful beach in North Vietnam

Titop beach 

Located about 14 km east from Bai Chay Wharf, Halong Bay, Ti Top Beach takes the shape of a crescent encompassing the island. Small though it might be, it wins kudos for its quiet and airy atmosphere, as well as its alluring landscape.The beach boasts pristine white sand, clear and blue water and small waves, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports. At present, there has a bar in the island which also provides swimming costumes, floats and lukewarm shower. Fresh water was carried to the island from inland. Swimming at Ti Top Beach is really enjoyable. After swimming, you can enjoy fresh sea food specialties in an ideal environment of immense sky and sunshine.

4. Bai Chay beach - the large artificial beach in North Vietnam

Bai Chay beach 

Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, near the coast of Ha Long Bay. It's an attraction of Quang Ninh Province.

Bai Chay is a low gently sloping range of hills that runs along the sea for more than 2 km. Blended in among the pine trees are large hotels and small villas with distinguished architectural styles. Traveling down the asphalt road along the coast, visitors see long white stretches of sand and green rows of luxuriant casuarinas, tucked under which are small family-run restaurants. After swimming at the beach, visitors Vietnam travel can enjoy cold drinks and cool off in the breeze that sweeps in from the sea. 

5. Co To beaches- the wild beach in North Vietnam

Co To 

 See more about the North Vietnam.

Co To Island can be regarded as the Hawaii of Vietnam, an ideal relaxing place for those who wish to escape from the oppressive heat of the city. 

Beaches on Co To Island, including Hong Van, Van Chai, Bac Van and Vung Ong Vien, are very clean and beautiful with white sands and blue water. Hong Van, with its small waves and peaceful aura, is considered the most beautiful beach on Co To. Visitors should not miss out on the chance to admire the sunrise over the beaches of Co To Island.The attraction is not only known for a long, clear beach near the residential area but also for a green pine forest and a tiled road along the shore where locals love to take a walk at sunset.

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