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Halong bay tours - The plesant experiences

Halong Bay is a destination not to be missed for each of us, because the attraction of  Halong seem to grow over the time, and this place gives you the most interesting experiences.

That might be the charm of the legends of the islands, caves, or the adventure of exploration by kayak Bay or simply a quiet night 's sleep on board...

Let's go to Ha Long Bay and explore all the interesting above

Experience the fascinating legends:

With Halong bay tours,  you will discover the fascinating story. The advent of  Ha Long Bay myth shimmering colors. That legend of the dragon is the Jade Emperor sent men down to help the Vietnamese fight the foreign invaders. Victory, that beautiful, man in the earth dragon, creating countless islands today...
Likewise, the legend of the islands, caves etc. the area are very much concerned with the nation's history. Dau legend has it that in the war against the Yuan - Mongolian, Tran Hung Dao was to prepare many ironwood stakes here, roughly pointed to plug into the bed of the Bach Dang River. Because there are so many pieces of wood left fishermen have called Dau Go.

Vietwind Travel - Dau Go Cave

Unlike Dau Go cave, Trinh Nu cave legend of a tragic love story of a beautiful girl floating. Due to the poor, she was named landlord forced her to marry him, not a landowner agrees to name her stomach desert island. Starving and exhausted, in a rainy night, she had turned to stone here. He asked her after the news was absorbed in sailing to find her. His boat crashed ashore on a deserted island. In flashes, he looked up and realized the girl away, but the words he was called away by the wind. He kept calling the name of love forever, to the point of exhaustion, and he turned to stone. Where is petrified cave girl Virgin, hang this door has stone statues of her. Faced with a row in the Virgin Cave ( also known as Son cave ) is where the boy was petrified. Stone statue of the boy is facing hang Virgin still to this day...

Discovery  Halong bay by kayak 

With a small kayak, you can get a fascinating journey weaving through thousands of islands between the vast earth. Just waving paddles on the blue water just to admire nature poetic grandeur that will bring exciting feeling hard to describe.
Vietwind travel - Kayaking

Experience tranquility in the heart of Ha Long Bay :

Have you ever experienced a mid- afternoon on the deck to see the immense waves his door open between nature ? Do you ever wake up early and see the first sun rays on the sea, the sails rose to welcome a new day between natural pristine vastness of the sky, clouds and mountains ?
There is nothing more exciting to be able to just relax right in your own room can just see the mountains, river and mountain grandeur, located on the sun deck watching the stars, watching the beach at night... It will be a relaxed moments great when you can not forget to Halong Bay.
Vietwind Travel - Relaxing on board

The reputed service providers:

Vietwind Travel will  help you have a wonderful experience about Ha Long bay
and each minute of your journey is update into a DVD which we want special  offer for all private tour & group tour from 10 person. The most beautiful moment,  memorable of Halong  will be saved forever..

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