Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 1, 2014

Exploring Bat Trang ceramic village

Bát Tràng ceramic village

In my trip in Hanoi, I decided to spend the last Sunday to explore Bat Trang ceramic village – an ancient handicraft village in outskirt Hanoi. Because I was not familiar with the road, languages, so I booked tour “ bat Trang ceramic village “ of Vietwind Travel to have an authentic Bat Trang tour and avoid the unexpected problems

Our tour began at 8:00 a.m, the car and Vietwind  Travel tour guide picked us up at the hotel to transfer to Bat Trang. We have 5 people including a Japanese student, a couple from French, a Singaporean man, I and the tour guide.
The tour guide was very friendly and enthusiastic, he introduced himself and introduced about tour itinerary. After greeting other people, I spent much time on taking photographs because the tranquil countryside attracted me so much which was far different from the noisy city.

Bát Tràng ceramic village

On the car, the tour guide introduced about history and the special elements of and the ceramic products of Batrang, I liked the way he told the stories. Very concise and informative.After 30 minutes, we arrived Bat Trang. At the first glance, I was attracted by the food sold on the Bat Trang market including the different types of cake and other specialties which I didn’t remember its names.
On arrival, we visit a pottery and took part in making and painting the ceramic products. The skillful craftsman will guide us each step to create our own product. It was not easy as we thought. 

Bát Tràng ceramic village

In the time waiting our product baked, we started our journey to discover the ancient village to understand more about the history of Bat Trang ceramic village. We passed through narrow alleys with the old brick -wall telling you the stories dating from hundreds of years. The next place we visited was Bat Trang communal house – the heart of village where takes place the most important cultural events in the villages.

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