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            HalongBay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a destination not to be missed by visitors. It is located about 165km from Ha Noi in the Gulf of Tonkin with over a thousand islands and islets some with ancient limestone caves with towering stalagmites and huge arrow pointed stalactites hanging from the ceiling of the caves. It’s natural surrounding and relaxing atmosphere offers a break for the tired travelers from all over the world on this cruise. The attraction and charm of Halong Bay seems to grow over time, could be the charm of the legends of these islands, caves, or the exploration of the islets by kayak or simply a quiet night's sleep on board selected boats. Yours to be discovered..... Halong Bay and explore the fascinating things.


Experience the fascinating legends:

With Halong Bay tours you will discover the fascinating story. The adventure of  Halong Bay’s mysterious shimmering colors. Legend has it that the dragon was the Celestial Jade Emperor, who sent men down to help the Vietnamese fight off the foreign invaders. Victory, that beautiful man in the ‘earth dragon’ created those countless islands today ........
Likewise, the legend of the islands, caves etc. the area are very much concerned with the nation's history. Dau legend has it that in the war against the Yuan - Mongolian . Tran Hung Dao prepared thousands of sharpened ironwood stakes to be planted into the beach of the Bach Dang River to ward off invaders. Because of the many pieces of wood left in the area, the fishermen are called ‘Dau’.
Unlike Dau Go cave, Trinh Nu cave has a sad story. Legend has it that a beautiful girl from a poor family whose landlord forced her to marry him. He named her ‘desert stomach’. She was very unhappy, starved and exhausted she turned to stone one rainy night. When her husband received the news, he set sail to find her. His boat crashed ashore on a deserted island. He kept calling the name of his love one forever to the point of exhaustion. He turned to stone.

Halong Bay - Cave

Till this day, the Virgin Cave also known as Son Cave hangs the petrified statue of the girl over the entrance. Facing the cave is the stone statue of the boy facing his love in the Virgin Cave.

Discover Halong Bay by kayak:
With a small kayak, you can get a fascinating journey weaving through thousands of islands and islets in this bay. Just paddle your way across clear blue water just to admire nature and enjoy the poetic grandeur that will bring exciting feeling and emotions which is hard to describe.

Experience tranquility in the heart of Ha Long Bay:
Experience a mid-afternoon on the deck to see the immense waves opening doors to nature.  Wake up early and see the sunrise and rays on the sea, the rising sails welcome a new day between natural pristine vastness of the blue sky, distant clouds and majestic mountains.
There is nothing more exciting to be able to relax in your own room just see the mountains, the islands, and the beautiful bay. At night you can sit back on your deck chairs in candle light atmosphere watching shooting stars dancing across the sky, billion of twinkling stars, watching the beach at night, cool breeze and your favorite drink in hand to say good night..... It will be a relaxing moment with good company.  Moments you don’t want to forget in Halong Bay.

The reputed service provider:
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